Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

It never ceases to amaze me the beautiful walks and treks that our beautiful country has to offer. Last Monday I was leaving my sister Julie up to the airport for an evening flight and we decided we would do a walk before she left. I had never done the Bray to Greystones cliff walk and I thought this was a perfect opportunity! Bray is a short 20 minute drive down the M50 when you drive in from the N3. You take exit 5 off the N11 (The M50 turns into the N11 after you leave Dublin) and follow the signs for the town centre.

We decided we were going to get the dart back from Greystones so we parked near Bray train station at the seafront. Its pay parking here so make sure you pay and display! Once on the promenade we started walking south towards Bray head. As we reached the end of the promenade we came upon the Bray Head Hotel which seems to be closed down but looked like it could have been a great spot in its day- and so close to the sea!

From this point we followed the path that climbs ever so slightly to your first look out point. There is an information board here that points out all the various points that you can see from here. Killiney Hill, Dalkey lighthouse and Howth head in Dublin to name a few. From this point you will find the path up to Bray Head also. Another walk for a different day. I reckon the views up here are amazing.

The history of the Cliff walk is pretty interesting. It was built back in the mid 1800’s to facilitate the men and the materials constructing the train line below. The location of the train line was unusual at the time as building a train line inland would have been a lot cheaper and easier! However the gentleman who owned the land around Bray at the time, Lord Meath, didn’t want a train line dividing his land so he gave the train company the cliff face land for free. Futher along the path you come to ruins of an old house. This was Lord Meath’s Lodge. To gain access pass this point on the path Lord Meath charged a penny for entry. All along this part of the walk the scenery is stunning and you have great views of the train line below. In 1869 there was a terrible train crash when the Enniscorthy train derailed on the way to Dublin. A new tunnel was built because of this further into the cliff face.

There is another fabulous look out point looking back towards bray where you can still see the entrance of the old tunnel that is now disused. After this point Greystones itself came into full view and the walk descends down towards the town. The final 20 minutes of the walk takes you down through fields and along the coast in Greystones. Make sure and look back as you walk down here as you can see the other side of bray head in all its glory.

They are building a huge Marina village here and for the last ten minutes or so of the walk you are walking between the marina and a construction site. They don’t look too far off finishing though, so I am sure this won’t be the case for much longer. Past the construction site there is a huge board advertising the Greaystones to Bray Cliff walk and it gives you all the points of interest along the way. It would have been great to have seen this in Bray. When I do the walk again I will definitely do it from Greystones to Bray for a change.
We headed straight for the train station when we got into town and passed some lovely restaurants like the Hungry Monk and the Happy Pear. The walk took us exactly an hour and a half and we weren’t booting it by any stretch of the imagination. It was fantastic to see so many people out enjoying the day and great to see so many tourists too! The next time you are in Dublin and need to kill a few hours I would definitely recommend it.

The train ticket back to Bray was €2.20 and we headed straight for Platform Pizza for our Lunch. I had been here before and I had it in my head all day that we would grab something to eat here. Its just down from the train station in Bray. Most of the Lunch options on the menu were €10 and we were delighted with our Burgers! 🙂 I would definitely recommend this spot for lunch or dinner!

I have attached the link below for the cliff walk. As always- Happy Galavanting! xx


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