Climbing the Sugar Loaf, Co Wicklow

If you have ever driven down the M50 and onto the M11 you can’t help but notice the towering peak of the Sugarloaf mountain to your right hand side. The Sugar Loaf stands at 500m tall so completely do able for all fitness levels. We haven’t been very active since before christmas so this was a perfect trek to ease us back into it.

We took the turn off for the R755 from the N11 towards Gelndalough and drove for about 4 kms until we came to a turn off, to the left, for the Sugarloaf car park. The entrance of the car park has an arched wall so if you are driving any kind of tall vehicle you won’t be able to get through -probably to deter campervans and such from setting up camp here.

Once we had the car parked up and had a good look at the mountain, it didn’t seem so daunting. We headed off up the track and thanked god that we had a nice sunny day. You do need walking boots here. Runners will work too but it was quite mucky and slippy in parts so we would definitely recommend boots. It took us just under half an hour to reach the bottom of the mountain- taking into consideration that we were not killing ourselves by any stretch of the imagination.

It starts to get steep at this point, and again you would definitely benefit from wearing boots here for ankle support. Along this ridge is when you will start to get the views of the coast. Greystones right in front of you, the city over to your left and further down the Wicklow coast to your right. We took our time climbing the main peak of the mountain and we were greeted by some outstanding views once we reached the top. It took us just the hour to make it to the top.

I can’t think of many other places where you would get such amazing views of Wicklow mountains national Park, Powerscourt estate, the Irish sea and east coast and all the town and suburbs in between. You just need to make sure and climb up here on a clear day. If its any way cold bring your gloves, hat and a scarf and of course a bottle of water. We took our time coming back off the main peak. You need to be quite careful as to where you are putting your feet. All in all a really pleasant trek and very much worth the views once you get to the top. We met young and old on the way up and down and it was great to see so many families out enjoying the fresh air!

I have attached some directions for you if you make the trip! As always- Happy Galavanting! xxx




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