Farmaphobia- A scare at Halloween!

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful farm outside of Athboy in Co Meath. Causey farm is run by the Murtagh family and has been welcoming guests of all ages over the past number of years. They offer hen party packages, summer camps, team building, the Causey Christmas experience and of course the amazing Farmaphobia. We were on a trip with the lovely girls at Boyne Valley Tourism and after a trip up to the Hill of Tlachtga (where halloween began) we made our way over the road to Causey Farm. We were brought into a great big restaurant area and a had a beautiful buffet dinner to set us up for the evening. We were the only group there but they had a fantastic set up here to cater for larger groups.

After eating our fill we were brought into a little shed at the side of the building to watch a safety video. The video basically explained that none of the staff in Causey farm would hurt us, and we in turn were not to hurt them- in other words if some one scares you, don’t punch them in the face. We received our wrist bands and made our way into a very dark lane way. This is when the butterfly’s started in my stomach. Why was it so dark? Why was it so quiet? We didn’t have long to wait until we were led into the main farmyard area and Mr Murtagh explained to us that we had 5 attractions to visit. All the attractions are numbered 1 to 5 and are well signposted around the farmyard.

We started with Dead and Breakfast. As with all of the attractions you entered in groups of 4 or six. I really didn’t know what to expect but I had in my head that it wouldn’t be too bad if I expected the worst. I was wrong. From the moment we walked in to the first attraction I was blown away at the sheer creepy and spine chilling way the staff carried themselves. They were amazing, but they scared the bejeepers out of me. You walk through a series of rooms here, not knowing what to expect in each room. At one stage I was wondering if I could get from one side of the room to the other without bothering whatever monster/ zombie was staring at me.

The second attraction we went to was Field of Screams. If you are afraid of the dark and plants that are taller than you then give this one a miss. We set off in a group of around 6 of us but I soon decided to cling myself on to the tallest man I could find (Michael from Boyne Valley Tours) in the group, in the hopes that he would walk ahead of me. After a few people jumping out at us in the dark we made our way into a field and we were greeted by a lovely man with an axe asking us if we wanted to lose a limb!! No I’m good thanks!! We made our way into a field, still in complete darkness, that was full of maize taller than ourselves. There were paths leading in so many directions that we had no idea where to go. I just followed Michael! We were essentially in a Maze of Maize. Every now and then the path would open into a house with some vile creatures but we made it through each of the obstacles intact. At one stage though I did find myself running from a man with a chain saw- great fun!

The third attraction we visited was Vamporium. This was really well laid out in smaller rooms and one of them even locked one of us in a wardrobe and screamed at the rest of us to get out. I was not going to argue with him! At this stage of the evening we had been joined by lots of other visitors to Farmaphobia and seeing peoples reactions was really great fun.

I don’t want to tell you too much about these attractions, so as not to spoil it for you, but tunnels were involved here also and feeling about for doors to run out of screaming!! The fourth attraction we visited was The Dolls house. This was by far, for me,  one of the scariest. You are greeted by a real life chuckie wielding a knife and a young girl that looks like she has been dead for years. All of the dolls are alive here and they are seriously unnerving. Coming up behind you and whispering in your ear and beating other dolls off the walls. Ahhhh!!!!!!

We just had one more attraction to visit after the dolls house and that was the Mutation Morgue. In this one they put you in a drawer when you go in and push you through the wall- amazing! After that you are making your way through rooms of pigs head and other things you would not expect to find in a morgue!!

By the time we had finished all of the attractions (It took us a good hour and a half) we realised that there was a great big bonfire in the middle of the farmyard, just adding to the atmosphere. There was also a food stand to buy snacks and a chipper in the main car park. We made our way back into the main hall for a cup of tea and to make sure that everyone had survived. Here you could buy sandwiches and cake as well.

The farm also has two scream rooms. Basically you go into these two rooms and you have three minutes to escape before the alarm goes off. They are called Granny Smyths wake and Cabin Fever. The prices for Farmaphobia start at €18 for three attractions and €27 for all five. Well worth it in my opinion. The escape rooms cost €3 per person.

So if you are looking for something different this halloween then you know where to go. Definitely an experience not to be missed!

I have attached their website below. If you are thinking of staying the night I have attached the link for the Cusack Hotel group that have Hotels nearby also. The perfect Halloween getaway! As always – Happy Galavanting xxx




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