When to go Galavanting and where!

Little did we think 2 months ago, on the eve of our National holiday, that we would still be at home fighting the Corona virus in May. However there is light at the end of the tunnel and the government has given us a roadmap of when we might be able to get out there again. Get out discovering new parts of our Island… or even… lets be honest, just getting away from having to stay at home.

I think these past two months have made us all realise that we don’t appreciate the small things enough- being able to see our parents when we want, meeting up with our siblings for the chats, dropping the kids off at the babysitter and being able to take off for the night or even just go to the pub! Staying at home is a small price to pay for our health at the end of the day and some of us didn’t get the choice to stay at home.

So while we are still doing our bit to fight this horrendous virus, we can dream of a trip away and start planning when and where we will go Galavanting.


So the road map has been clear in that we are still being asked to stay at home in so far as is possible. Don’t make any unnecessary trips and limit our contact with others. From Monday the 18th of May we can meet up with no more than 4 people outside of our home in an outdoor space (thank god for the good weather). However- we still need to stay within 5kms of our home. So grab a camping chair and visit your neighbours or friends that live close by- bring them some banana bread while you’re at it :). From the 18th of May you can also play a round of golf or play a game of tennis if you are lucky enough to have those facilities within 5 kms of you. Keep an eye out for some local activity providers that will be open. For example- Navan Adventure Centre are opening their Footgolf facility from the 18th.

From the 8th of June we can travel up to 20 kms from our home but we are still be asked to stay at home as much as possible. Not much change from the 18th of May but if family or friends live within those 20kms then we can get to see more of them- even in the their homes as long as we are still keeping 2 metres apart.

From the 29th of June Restaurants and cafe can reopen. This is where we get to start feeling a bit normal again. We can leave the house and have a meal with family or friends, visit our local eateries and be glad that hospitality businesses are back up and running. I would urge everyone, if they are in a position to do so, make a reservation with their local restaurant or cafe and start enjoying getting out again. I for one cannot wait to get back to some of the restaurants in Navan for good local food and a glass of wine.

From the 20th of July the 20 km restrictions are gone. Hotels, caravan parks, B+B’s etc can reopen and we can start Galavanting again. Pubs will not be open however. Thats ok- we can wait another few weeks for that.

From the 10th August we should be able to see life slowly but surely getting back to some form of normality. Social distancing will still be with us but we have to remember that is for our own good and for the good of our fellow citizens. Fingers crossed this will include the likes of pubs and other places where people gather socially like cinemas and bowling alleys.


We need to stay local until the 20th of July. This doesn’t mean we can’t plan an outing to a local restaurant- a picnic at a local park or a restricted gathering of neighbours (maximum 4) in the back yard. Its important that we have something to look forward to in the not too distant future.

Where should we go after the 20th of July?- well we have the entire of Ireland to choose from. And remember- attractions that would have normally been overrun with international tourists- they will be quiet and this will be the best time to visit them. Places like Newgrange Monument in Co Meath, the Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare, The Rock of Cashel in Tipperary, The Giants Causeway in Co Down, the Aran Islands in Co Galway and so much more. This is obviously if these attractions reopen- we were hoping to visit Skellig Micheal but the OPW have announced that it will remain closed for the rest of the year.

Our top spots this year will be anywhere where we can take nice long walks in open spaces and then enjoy local Irish food in a restaurant with a few glasses of wine. Donegal, Kerry, Waterford and Offaly are top of our list. Now is the time to start looking at hotel deals. Many if not all hotels will now offer free cancellation and a dedicated hygiene plan for visitors. Do some research as to what will be open where you are visiting and always try to leave a few euro in the area. Like in a local cafe for that take away coffee after your walk or a post card or momento in the local shop for your first trip post Covid.


Whenever and wherever you decide to go galavanting again, just remember that this little country of ours has so much to offer. Whether we are travelling in Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn- you will never beat a galavant around Ireland. Tag us in your post covid escape posts on facebook and instagram- @galavantingireland

Until next time- stay safe- xxx




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